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Create virtual 360° tours - quick and easy.

Get more out of your 360° shots

You can do more than save and share! With our unique cloud solution, your 360° shots turn into eye-catchers (and easy-to-use all-rounders). And best of all, you do not have to download and / or install anything, but you can get started online right away.

Quick and easy

vr-easy 360 panorama video VR

What makes it special

• Optimized for all common devices
• Optimized for search engines and load times
• Numerous exciting features
• Integration of media, videos, pictures, graphics, text, audio possible
• Versatile marketing tool
• Freemium, Basic and Premium version


If you are an administration or public institution - or if you would like to use our tool together with several organisations from your locality - we recommend our location marketing package for municipalities. You benefit from significantly more favorable conditions, a large volume of data and the availability all functions.

Contact us or speak to the responsible persons in your municipality / your place / your region and refer to this offer.

vr-easy 360 panorama video VR

Your advantages

• Create your own 360 ° tours - "easy" and fast
• No downloading of an app, no installation: start directly online
• Changes possible at any time and they are immediately visible
• Interfaces to different platforms available
• Share on different channels (mailing, social media, newsletters)


Payment Options


Prices in net per month

Short Description


Maximum numbers of panoramas per tour


12 months

24 months


  • Contains the most important features to create exciting 360° projects
    + Add-on options

3 GB Memory



  • Everything from the BASIC package
    + SEO settings
    + More data
    volume and panos per tour
    + Statistics
    + Multilinguage Settings for tours
    + Insert pictures in perspective directly into the panorama
    + Create innovative 360° websites
    + Floor plans
    + 360° VIDEO

5 GB Memory



  • Everything from the STANDARD package
    + more data volume and more panos per tour
    + Upload videos and insert them into the pano in perspective
    + Mark and link objects with the Polygonlasso
    + Password protection
    + Search function
    + Phone support

15 GB Memory



  • + Here you have even more data volume
    + unlimited number of 360° panos per tour
    + ALL features of VR-EASY
    + Phone support

30 GB Memory


Choose between

Payment Options


Prices in net per month

Short Description


Maximum numbers of panoramas per tour

Standard packages

Industry packages


12 months

24 months

Location marketing

auf Anfrage
    for particularly extensive projects
    contains all functions of PREMIUM
    + infinite number of panos per tour (only limited by memory)
    + Hashtag function
    + Search function
    + Panos sortable by category and searchable (for example, see all shops in the city)
    + Telephone support

20 GB Memory


Special packages

interaktive 360 grad touren fuer ihr standortmarketing standtortmarketing

We bring your community forward

Regardless of whether you deal with the topics of location marketing, retail concepts, vacancy management, city marketing, commercial space marketing or strengthening tourism, culture and voluntary work, or you simply want to make your educational institutions and daycare centers virtually accessible ... we offer you the right solution.

virtuelle rundgaenge 360 grad touren fuer schulen unis und kita

VR Education

Especially schools, universities and day-care centers and educational institutions are faced with the challenge of enabling information, communication and encounters while at the same time restricting contacts. VR solutions offer an alternative. Our three packages enable the creation and use of 360° projects with which, among other things, virtual "open days" and innovative forms of knowledge transfer can be implemented.

from 6,75 €

vr-easy 360 webseite

360 ° website - tour and website merged

With our tool you can now also create complete 360° websites. Merge the advantages of conventional websites with the visual power of virtual tours. This offers an attractive, innovative website especially for restaurants, coffee shops, bars, holiday apartments, small shops, artists, photographers and agencies.

from 14,25 €

vr-easy 360 webseite

Real estate package for real estate professionals

Especially in times when it is difficult to meet other people virtual 360 ° tours as a healthy and effective alternative to visits Place. Save time and money and inspire your real estate at the same time. Easily integrate floor plans and media and manage everything with password protection.

Art and Culture

Art and Culture

Virtual offers by and for creative people are more than an alternative to canceled exhibitions, concerts and other events in Corona times. They are modern digital instruments for marketing and customer loyalty and an innovative and creative addition to the analogue offer. You can also create a website from your 360 ° content.

vr-easy 360 webseite

Webinars and tutorials

The VR EASY tool is for everyone, from beginners to professionals. And our information in our webinars and tutorials is just as tailor-made as our software. From the first greeting and the first demo, to the detailed explanation of how high-quality and exciting 360 ° projects are created from loose panoramas, to the entry into the pro-resale function - we show and explain everything you need for yours you need a successful VR appearance.

vr-easy 360 webseite

Pro-resale for photographers with a white label option

Photographers and photo-savvy business people can not only use our tool create your own interactive 360 ° projects, but also for customers in the realize the most diverse business areas. Our pro-resale function with White label option enables a profitable entry into the world of 360 ° content.



In times of social distancing and the prohibition of many large events, virtual versions of reality take on a whole new economic dimension. Virtual trade fairs are a big topic here. In the last few months we have developed a digital 360° trade fair concept. With numerous exciting functions and possible uses, it is much more than an "emergency solution" in times of viruses. We believe that virtual trade fairs are a real alternative to real trade fairs or a perfect complement to them.

Many thanks to our supporters!

Deutsche Telekom's Techboost program supports selected technology startups with 100,000 Euros for the Open Telekom Cloud. And the TechBoost startups also receive valuable sales and marketing support. According to the motto: Boost your business!

We are currently developing new features that will be especially exciting for 360 ° video content. This develoment is supported by the European Union.

Our VR-EASY software and all tours run on the climate-neutral servers of the Open Telekom Cloud. 100% renewable energies are used to operate the OTC. Find out more on the OTC website.
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