Your easy approach to VR

Create virtual 360° tours - quick and easy.

Get more out of your 360 ° shots

You can do more than save and share! With our unique cloud solution, your 360° shots turn into eye-catchers (and easy-to-use all-rounders). And best of all, you do not have to download and / or install anything, but you can get started online right away.

Quick and easy

vr-easy 360 panorama video VR
The special
• Optimized for all common devices
• Optimized for search engines and load times
• Numerous exciting features
• Integration of media, videos, pictures, graphics, text, audio possible
• Versatile marketing tool
• Freemium, Basic and Premium version

vr-easy 360 panorama video VR
Your advantages

• Create your own 360 ° tours - "easy" and fast
• No downloading of an app, no installation: start directly online
• Changes possible at any time and they are immediately visible
• Interfaces to different platforms available
• Share on different channels (mailing, social media, newsletters)
vr-easy 360 panorama video VR
Destination marketing
Real estate
Business parks
Retail trade
• and many more

Choose between

Payment Options


Prices in net per month

Short Description


Maximum numbers of panoramas per tour

Standard packages

Industry packages


12 months

24 months


0 €
  • Just get started and try it out. + Upgrade to all other packages possible at any time.

1GB Memory



9 €
  • Contains the most important functions to create professional tours. + Upgrade to all higher packages possible at any time. + Additional options

5GB Memory



35 €
  • Contains all functions of Freemium & Basic many more useful features Upgrade to all higher packages possible at any time + phone support

15GB Memory


Many thanks to our supporters!

Deutsche Telekom's Techboost program supports selected technology startups with 100,000 Euros for the Open Telekom Cloud. And the TechBoost startups also receive valuable sales and marketing support. According to the motto: Boost your business!

vr-easy 360 panorama vidoe VR
vr-easy 360 panorama vidoe VR

We are currently developing new features that will be especially exciting for 360 ° video content. This develoment is supported by the European Union.

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