The crisis challenges us


The current situation is a huge challenge for all of us. It requires information and reason, rationality, solidarity and innovation. Each of us can do something, the instructions are often repeated and - actually - easy to understand. A situation has arisen in which we have to keep a distance (!) And which we can only master together. There is no place for selfishness, no place for recklessness and no place for panic. This affects everyone, families and friends.

For us as a small company that has been on the market for five years and that tries to create permanent jobs and at the same time work closely and fairly with freelancers, this situation is of course - as for many, many others - just as great a challenge. We don't know how we're going to handle them. Aid is also being launched by politicians for small businesses and freelancers. Here, too, we are asked not to lose sight of our neighbors, partners, customers, if possible. Here too it is only possible together.

As a company that focuses on digital applications and especially the area of virtual reality with innovative 360 ° projects, we currently have special tasks and opportunities. We enable a virus-free "world" without direct contacts and still enable communication, information transfer and emotionality. Trade fairs that are crowded with thousands of people cannot take place for the foreseeable future - as virtual trade fairs they are possible at any time. We can also enable democratic participation, which is currently reaching its practical limits, with our applications: Long before the Corona crisis, we developed a tool for citizen participation on a 360 ° basis. Let us use these possibilities and develop them further.

VR EASY is still there for you


An important piece of information to our customers, partners and prospective customers: Everything is going as usual with us! All data is stored on Deutsche Telekom's servers and our team continues to function just as well as it has in the past five years. Due to the current high demand for VR, there may be a delay in answering inquiries - you will definitely hear from us as soon as possible.

We know home office, we know economic and financial difficulties as a small start-up, we know what it's like to adjust to new things at short notice. So "hardened" we try to make the best of the situation with and for you.

What can you expect from us (shortly)

  • A new hosting package for virtual trade shows
  • Other new features
  • Expansion of our network (agencies and photographers)
  • We are adapting large-scale projects such as ?Fascination Germany? to the current situation and are trying to implement them
  • We offer a wide range of webinars, transfer of know-how and exchange on all possible topics related to VR and 360 °

VR as a digital alternative in times of crisis


In short: We see technically innovative and flexible VR offers as a valuable digital alternative even for providers who have not yet had to think about 360 ° applications. We are working flat out and optimism to get the best out of all of us. In this sense: take responsibility and take care of yourself and each other. All the best!