What do we have

VR-EASY GmbH has developed a cloud-based software solution for the customized and versatile use of 360 ° photography and 360 ° video. The cloud-based approach provides unprecedented flexibility and performance through the development of numerous features such as booking systems, online shops, donations, competitions, integration of information via text, images and video ... Our product has been successfully tested and developed on the market for more than three years.

Our strongest partner is Deutsche Telekom - with numerous positive impulses for the company. Since the summer of 2018 VR-Easy GmbH has benefited from the TECHBOOST program for start-ups.

What we can do

The cloud solution makes highly effective tools of 360° content for online marketing in the B2B and B2C sector, as it informs and emotionalises in an uncomplicated and impressive way. Thus it can replace entire websites in the sense of classic websites. A Web Revolution!

360 ° content + cloud + features + information = up-to-date, innovative, powerful web presence

Update in seconds, always up to date through the cloud. A web presence in five minutes? No empty promise!                                 

Our goal

Provide the cloud solution as software as a service - with the potential for worldwide scaling.

Who are we looking for?

Partner / investor (s) wanting to accompany us on this step. The campaigns are developed - with the right partner we can start with the 360° Webrevolution.

Are you with us?