VR 360° - *speaking vessels -"come and eat with me"

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Iron the devil flat as pancake

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To view photos and videos click on the icons To look around click the left mouse button and drag the panorama in the desired direction. On tablet, control the touchscreen accordingly. * Um Fotos und Videos anzuschauen auf die Icons klicken Zum Umschauen die linke Maustaste klicken und das Panorama in die gewünschte Richtung ziehen. Am Tablet den Touchscreen entsprechend ansteuern.

art statement

Just like a good song art is the language of the heart... what I show you is never what I show you but something else instead it captures the thing that escapes me and yet I live from it what I show you isn’t necessarily what I show you but it captures what I mean which I could not just say to you in mere words