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Closed and flexible room-in-room modules. Open-space areas and large offices are great when it comes to making the most of the available space. But what about when concentrated working is required? Introducing se:cube, the rapid response for creating new spaces. The new office cube from Sedus has set new standards in terms of assembly, acoustics and atmosphere and offers space for up to eight people retreat, hold meetings or for relaxation.


Prestigious, high-quality, special: wherever it is necessary to create a good impression, the Sedus invitation conference tables are the very first choice. For example, in conference rooms used to receive guests and business partners. The design and materials are of such high quality that there can be no doubt at all: here, conference topics are not the only thing on the agenda, there is also a sense of stylish self-confidence.

on spot cosy

The future is comfortable and cosy – just like on spot cosy. Away from standard solutions, the fully upholstered shell chair is the ideal alternative for meeting scenarios and, thanks to its slim design and compact dimensions, also suitable for conference tables.

se:spot stool

Sitting, standing – or something in between. The products of the se:spot family meet the most diverse requirements. From appealing and cosy in canteens and break areas to professional and practical in meeting rooms, the chairs convince with their comfortable and attractive design. What makes the se:spot stool particularly ingenious is the intermediate “studio” height. The user can sit down and stand up spontaneously – depending on what is required. For raised seating, for example at the high desk, se:spot “bar” is the right choice. se:spot “low” is suitable for sitting at tables with a standard height.