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Giving a stage to art with 360°

For gallery owners, photographers, creative, performing and visual artists, virtual reality also offers many possibilities that are far more than a "digital stopgap" in times of pandemic. Even as we all look forward again to the analog art experience in exhibitions, galleries, festivals and the theater, 360° applications offer creative and promising solutions from which future opportunities can continue to emerge that go far beyond the analog experience

From canceled make announced

In the short term, virtual offers create an alternative to canceled exhibitions, concerts and other events. Our tool enables uncomplicated integration of sales opportunities (e.g. online sales gallery) or donations, so that revenue can also be generated from these digital presentations. In the long term, these applications can exist as modern digital tools for marketing and customer loyalty and as a supplement to analog offerings. It is also easy and effective to build networks with this tool. In addition, you can create an interactive website from your 360° content with our application.

How does it work?

There are several options:

  1. You have your own 360° shots (of your gallery, your studio, your stage?), upload them to our platform and add photos (exhibits, artworks, photographs) and/or videos (of readings, performances, concerts). You don't have 360° images (yet)? We tell you here, how you can create some easily and at a manageable cost.

  2. You have "only" photos, paintings or videos of your offers and need a space to present them? At this point comes our partner into action. Just write him directly ( and he will set you up a special account with a virtual gallery environment at VR-EASY.

Present your creations in a virtual space

And one that the Heimatlichter-Magazin created. The new and innovative online magazine for photo and video enthusiasts creates a great environment for your art and culture. Need a spacious gallery to showcase (and sell) your artwork? No, you don't need to build one - have one built virtually. This way you can create a suitable frame for your pictures. This way you can also create a space for events, readings and theater performances. Integrate your offers, show them on all devices, find enthusiastic users and keep them with always new and current information. Including donation function and similar features.


If you are an administration or public institution - or if you would like to use our tool together with several actors from your location - we recommend our location marketing package for municipalities. You benefit from significantly more favorable conditions, a large data volume and the availability-

of all functions. availability of all functions. Register with us or contact the responsible persons in your municipality/town/region and refer them to this offer.