Your advantages

Brokers and property managers benefit from the potential of our tool, which turns 360 ° tours into a successful marketing tool. Whether you are creating your own virtual tours or commissioning us with production, this easy-to-handle package, tailored to the needs of the real estate industry, enables you to trade fast and always have professional content. Use your own tours or commission us with their creation. You will remain flexible in terms of time and finances. Good for you and your customers.

Special Features


Make your professional web appearance fast and uncomplicated from the 360 ​​° tours. On your desired domain, with subpages and further information. No duplication, no duplicate costs. Sample


Who is interested in which property and how often / for a long time does the prospect deal with the offer? These essential questions for the marketing and the further procedure are answered by the evaluation of the statistics.

Password protection

Real estate is a matter of trust. A password for the user is the "key" to the virtual tour. This will keep you as a broker the control while ensuring discretion and privacy.

360 degree tours to successfully market your real estate with vr-easy

Sale of real estate

Enable interested parties to take a virtual tour of the property. This saves you and your (potential) customers' time. After a real visit, you offer your prospective client the service of subsequent consideration and decision-making and, as a broker, you also convey professionalism and innovative service orientation to the seller.

Rental / management of real estate

Provide your client with the most professional equipment available at the moment: High-quality 360 ° tours that convey an authentic, true-to-life image, minimizing complex on-site appointments that sustainably increase their presence on the Internet and can be integrated into real estate portals. All discreet and secure.

aerial photography in 360 degrees insert
360 degree tours to successfully market your real estate with vr-easy

Marketing of planned real estate

We make the future visible! Help to spark the imagination of your customers ! With our tool real estate properties that do not exist yet become alive in 360 ° tours. We let these objects become virtually accessible on the PC and integrate them into the desired environment.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the real estate package?

It is a package specially created for real estate professionals (brokers and property managers) with everything needed for the innovative marketing of real estate. With numerous features that provide for unique and special customer service.


What does it mean that I can use a 360° tour as a website?

The tour can be used as a website - an easy and very affordable way to get a professional internet presence. On request also with own domain. Imprint and legal texts are included, texts and pictures / graphics can be added.

How do I get 360 ° tours of the real estate?

A.) Take the panoramas yourself

B.) Commission a photographer to take the 360°-photographs for you

Does it have to be a specific camera?

No. You can shoot 360°-images even with a fairly decent smarth phone camera

Can I contribute ideas to improve the tool or suggest new features?

Yes, send us your wishes and suggestions via our contact form.

Is there a phone number on which I can simply get advice?

+49 3334 - 427 9740