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Your advantages

Do you rely on the advantages of informative and emotionally appealing 360 ° content? Then let the tours become the basis of your website! More interactive than classic websites, quick and easy to create and maintain, optimized for search engines and loading times - this is how you present yourself in a new and innovative way on the web.

Special Features

Created quickly and easily

360° tours become your professional website quickly and easily. No double effort. As extensive as you wish, with subpages, further information and media incorporation. And easy to keep up to date.

Very good price / performance ratio

You get a modern website that stands out from classic sites at a manageable cost. Benefit from a transparent pricing system in which there are no hidden and additional costs.

With own domain and legal text generator

You choose your preferred domain for the website and you are on the safe side with a reliable generator for data protection and legal texts. Prepared by a specialist lawyer for industrial property protection who assumes liability.

360 design your own website quickly and easily without programming skills

The basis is one or more 360° shots as a gallery or virtual tour. Present yourself and your product, invite customers to any place and with any focus that seems promising and suitable to you. A variety of features and designs enable the integration of information, graphics, photos, further tours. The tool is constantly being developed - all new webtool features and designs are of course automatically available to you.

You can easily edit all of the content yourself. We show you how to do it. The application is cloud-based, so all settings and updates are online immediately. We would also be happy to provide you with a photographer from your region who will create one or more 360° tours for you. Professional, in high quality and after detailed consultation about places and contents.

fusion website virtual tour vr easy 360 website
360 websites from vr easy optimized for all browsers

A 360° tour creates a website that particularly invites users to "browse" and linger with information and impressive views. It is optimized for all end devices and browsers. Since the loading times are also taken into account, your new page will be rewarded with good results by search engines.

Video Tutorial

Frequently asked questions

What is special about such a 360°-website?

Above all, it is an innovative and interactive website. Which will invite your customers to linger and browse. It perfectly fuses the informative aspect of a typical website with the exciting interactive eyecatching power of virtual tours.

What about loading time and search engine optimization?

It looks very good there! We have programmed everything so that the loading time is as short as possible. Especially on mobile devices. And search engines love such content because they invite you to spend more time on a website and to interact with the content more than usual.

Can I make the website multilingual?

Yes this is not a problem. We just developed the multi-language-functionality. A tutorial will follow.

Can I bring in ideas to improve the offer or suggest new features?

Yes. Suggestions and ideas are very welcome. Please use our contact form for sending us ideas and wishes. Also if you find any bugs. Hey, we never said we are perfect - still human after all. Thanks already for this! :)