360° at school: Digital teaching and learning

Informing, teaching, meeting - and all that as contactlessly as possible. That is a challenge these days, especially for educational institutions, for daycare centers, for schools, for universities. A situation for which there are digital solutions that can give digitization in education a strong boost - and not just in Corona times. These tools can be used as a digital form of teaching and learning and/or can be incorporated into analog lessons and sustainably expand and enrich them. 360° applications, i.e. applications in virtual reality, have numerous innovative application possibilities. They make interdisciplinary immersive learning possible in a special way by allowing learners to "immerse" themselves in different worlds. Whether natural history or language teaching - there are no limits to the 360° digital learning world. It enables interactions, group work, presentations (including "open days"), retrieval of learned content, and field trips. Our tool is online-based and sustainable in every respect: get started right after registration, no time-consuming downloading, easy to edit, numerous ready-made applications and functions for immediate use.

Virtual tour of a sewage treatment plant

NEW: 360° tour of a sewage treatment plant - All-round innovative educational offering

Field trips offer special learning experiences due to their practical relevance and vividness. Hardly possible in times of pandemic, they are also usually associated with a high organizational and financial effort. 360° tours have the potential to replace the learning experiences of real excursions and can even offer a more concentrated and at the same time interactive transfer of knowledge. Thanks to the numerous functions of our online-based software, this tour of a sewage treatment plant has a wide range of options for conveying and even querying impressions and information in a way that is appropriate for the target and age group. In this functionality, combined with all the other advantages of our package, such as constant updatability and high data protection conformity, we are thus able to offer a hitherto unique service. And: Teachers and students are thrilled!

How to create 360° images - cheap and easy

Everyone's talking about it - and you want to get started now, too? There couldn't be a better time. Creating 360° content really isn't witchcraft, it's really EASY, our name says it. And it's doable even on a small budget. How it works and how you can create good footage in a short time with different equipment, we explain in this video.

For example, we show you how you can easily take very presentable 360-degree photos of your facility with a special adapter, even with your cell phone. From these 360° panorama photos you can then create virtual tours with our VR-EASY software without any programming knowledge. And if you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Teacher talks about the benefits of 360° virtual tours and integration in the classroom

Teacher talks about the benefits of 360° virtual tours and integration in the classroom

Many functions of our software turn 360° content into valuable and innovative teaching and learning tools for lessons at schools, colleges and daycare centers. They make it possible to send children and young people on digital discovery tours, to convey information to them via videos, graphics, and texts, and to teach what they have learned via "Quiz-Engine" to query and apply. This teacher has already tried it out and reports on the potential of 360° in the classroom.
A school principal sums it up

A school principal sums it up

Make school visually experienceable and walkable with the unbeatable combination of 360° tours and our innovative online-based tool: It saves time and money, makes young teachers curious about their potential new employer, invites parents and students to a virtual "open house" on their sofa at home, conveys information and emotions. And just as schools are constantly changing, the application allows for constant updates and enhancements. A (financially manageable) investment in the future that not only makes this principal happy.
youtube: Daycare center director is enthusiastic about 360°

Daycare center director is enthusiastic about 360°

Parents would like to literally get a picture of the daycare center their child is to attend: Which rooms are there, which offers? An attractive and informative alternative to a tour - difficult to organize in Corona times - is the use of 360° tours in combination with our tool. They make a "visit" possible around the clock, convey emotions and information, show and explain. Without travel, without registration, without contact. And yet very close and right in the middle. That convinces and inspires not only this director of a children's home.
youtube: VR-EASY makes interactive and digital teaching in virtual worlds possible

VR-EASY makes interactive and digital teaching in virtual worlds possible.

Our 360° tool can do much more than organize digital open days. It enables a creative and innovative step towards the digitization of education.

A step that is both urgently needed and challenging, not only under the current pandemic conditions. Turn 360° tours into an interactive teaching and learning platform with numerous functions: Send students on "field trips," incorporate what they've learned into virtual worlds, ask facts with a "Quiz-Engine" and let students speak in virtual presentations in front of the whole class.

create 360 degree panoramas with your own smart phone

The cell phone package for do it yourself

You create the content (360° tours of rooms, cabinets, offers...) with your own cell phone and additional equipment and edit and show them with our tool. them with our tool. You get the equipment for it here . And you get the tutorials for creating exciting 360° projects here . For further questions just write us a E-Mail and you will immediately receive all necessary information.
create 360 degree panoramas with 360 degree camera

The camera package for DIY

You create the 360° tours yourself with a special 360° camera. We will give you the necessary instructions and information, how to create the tours and how our tool works. A good price-performance ratio offers e.g. this camera manufacturer: https://www.insta360.com/de/ (Easy operation and also suitable for 360° videos)
have a complete virtual tour created by a professional

The Pro Package

You don't want to/can't create the recordings yourself? Then commission us with the 360° shots. A professional photographer comes to your facility and creates the shots with professional technology according to your wishes. You will receive online training for editing and updating the content on the platform with our tool.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a consultation?

Yes. You can always send us an email to bildung@vr-easy.com or call 0049 3334 - 427 9740. You can also make an appointment for a 15-minute video conference hier.

Can I start immediately?

Yes, the account will be activated immediately after the purchase.

Can I show the 360° project on our website or send it via email?

The 360° projects can be integrated into any website and also as a link in e-mails. You can find a short tutorial here.

Can I contribute ideas to improve the tool or suggest new features?

Yes, feel free to send us your wishes and hints via our Contact form .

Can I see how often our projects are viewed?

Yes. You can also see what users found most exciting and which information or videos they looked at.