360 ° for Photographers.

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Your advantages

What do you think about 360 ° photography? No, we do not want to make this a "crucial question" for photo professionals, after all everyone has their portfolio that distinguishes them and makes them special. But 360 ° in combination with an innovative tool - there's a lot in it for your creativity and your business. It is worth taking a (photographic) look at it.


Special Features

Do you want to expand your portfolio?

You are creative and like to do your work, but you want to expand your horizon - in the truest sense of the word - and open up new business areas? Learn 360° photography, get new impulses and take part in a very dynamic development.

Show the world your 360 ° projects

You have professional 360° shots and of course you want to let the world participate. With our cloud-based tool, you can not only turn your 360° photos into virtual tours, but thanks to numerous features, you can also turn them into exciting interactive 360° projects.

Earn money with 360 ° photography

Present yourself to your customers as an innovative professional with your 360° images in combination with our cloud. You also present this with your own logo - because we offer you our tool as a white label version.


You've been a pro or photo enthusiast for quite some time. You know what you can and want. And yet - or precisely because of this - the time seems right for something new. Or are you currently in the starting blocks of photography and want to get the best and most creative out of everything right from the start? 360° photography in combination with our innovative tool has the potential to embark on new business areas and customers. We speak from our own experience as 360°-media-content-agency.

Our cloud-based tool can do more than save and upload. It has many features that make your 360° shots real eye-catchers and enhance them. This gives you the right platform for your professional 360° photos and turns them into sought-after and valued content for customers and clients in various industries. You benefit from the constant further development of the tool.


Professional 360 ° photography from your region can be the corner stone of a successful business. Your 360 ° images can, for example, be the basis of complete web presences or extensive VR marketing projects. There is currently a lot going on in this field. We are happy to share our expertise and experience with you in this regard.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I as a photographer get the PRO Resale Package?

This package allows you to sell our packages to your customers under your own name i.e. resell them as a white label. That is the basis for your business.

Why should I add that to my portfolio?

Now, especially since the outbreak of the corona crisis, it becomes clear how great the potential of VR and 360° applications is. And no matter which solution prospective customers will choose in the future someone is always needed who can create 360 ° content. Ideally it is someone from the region.

Do you need specific equipment to create 360 ° content?

There are several ways to take a 360° photo. You can even get reasonably acceptable results with your phone camera and the free Google Streetview app. There is a tutorial on our YouTube channel about it. But if you want better quality on a small budget, one of the many one-shot cameras might be something for you. There are now a wide range of these cameras, such as the Insta360 One X, the GoPro Max or the Recoh Theta Z. For a little more professional quality - especially in difficult lighting situations - we would rather recommend a standard camera (SLR or mirrorless camera), a wide-angle or fisheye lens and a tripod with a nodal point adapter At the highest professional level, we can highly recommend the Seitz Roundshot VR Drive in combination with a full-screen reflex camera or a mirrorless camera. In terms of software, we recommend PTGui for stitching 360° photos and Lightroom and Photoshop for editing. But of course other software solutions are also possible (Dark table, Affinity etc.)

Can I bring in ideas to improve the tool or suggest new features?

Yes, please send us your wishes and information using our contact form. We are in constant contact with our subscribers.

Are there online webinars or live seminars where I can get to know the full potential of the tool and possibly your workflow?

We regularly provide information about opportunities and trends in online webinars and free LIVE seminars.