About us

VR EASY stands for an easy-to-use, innovative and customer-friendly offer for all, who want to use the possibilities of virtual reality. You have probably seen, heard and/or read that somewhere, no matter if you are a 360° beginner or a professional, probably seen, heard and/or read that somewhere - otherwise you wouldn't have landed here. But who and what is behind VR EASY? Is it really all so easy and so transparent? Where is the catch, where is the subscription, where is the small print that makes EASY a FRUST under certain circumstances? Aren't they "just" about the money?

The thing with the time spirit

First of all: Yes, of course we are also about money. Because we are a company, not a non-profit and/or funded association or institution. We are people, who want and need to earn money with their performance in order to live from it. But: Behind VR EASY there is also a philosophy that does not quite correspond to the supposed spirit of the times. that perhaps even seems to have fallen out of time a bit. Which we and which explains why you probably won't find a hook with us and our offers.

The Start

When VR EASY founder and CEO Waldemar Wegner marched into the adult education center just under ten years ago for a course on "How to operate a camera" (and didn't even have his own camera with him), nothing could have been further from his mind. at the adult education center ten years ago (and didn't even have his own camera with him), there was hardly anything more remote than a company that will be on the market in 2022 with innovative solutions for 360° applications. Even if shrewd marketing strategists are now holding their breath because of this supposedly unprofessional outing: Yes, that was our launch.

From the problem to the idea

And then something happened that has so often become the foundation for something new: A problem became an idea. Our business idea. At the time, virtual reality was considered "the next BIG THING" by insiders, but it was far from being it - there was no usable software for 360° photography, so we started to develop one ourselves.

Multi-talent for VR content

The result is an online-based multi-talent that not only allows the editing and publishing of VR content, but is also the basis for 360° websites, interactive platforms for immersive learning, digital for immersive learning, digital trade fairs, open days and much more. You can find all this in detail in our descriptions, Tutorials und Paketen

Always new

Behind this development is a small, professional, dedicated team that works with a lot of passion, visions and idealism on this product. Not in a chic loft in a trendy neighborhood, but mostly at the table at home. Between the worlds of city and country. Even at night and on weekends. To adapt a product, our product, again and again to new wishes, situations, needs and technical possibilities.

Data protection, sustainability and transparency

We don't care where the electricity comes from to power the servers, we're happy about every about every kilometer that is not flown because the conference takes place digitally, we care about data protection, we want fairness towards customers and employees and we stand for transparency. That's why we're "telling" you all this. We are looking forward to it, to go a part of the way together with you. Get involved in the VR adventure, become a part of the digital future and let us be your professional companions.